What We Do


We provide Individually Tailored Insurance Solutions and Programmes for all sizes of business. These range from small commercial risks such as shops and offices through to complex risks associated with larger SME’s and Plc’s. We provide advice on the full range of covers relating to Fixed Asset Protection, Liability and Management Risks.


Providing quality day to day management of claims, irrespective of size is one of the key functions we provide. We have a dedicated team of claims professionals and technicians available as a resource to deal with whatever circumstances our clients find themselves in.


We have an experienced specialist team to look after our private clients to advise them in all aspects of their personal insurances. These range from private cars, travel, caravans etc. and properties, whether it is a normal private dwelling or a large high net-worth property requiring more specific cover on buildings and possessions.


Providing advice on all aspects of Risk Management and Health and Safety is becoming an increasingly important area for Brokers to consider. We have access to a range of Risk

Management products and services to provide positive and practical help our clients sometimes need to meet the demands made on them by insurers.


The Service Industry Sector is often described as a ‘people business’. In today’s world this concept is often forgotten in the pursuit of the ‘bottom line’. We like to think we are the exception. We fully embrace and encourage a ‘one to one’ service with all our clients that allows us to build positive long term relationships to provide increased benefits and value.


For us to be successful in working with you as your Insurance Broker and Advisor, we need you to understand our role in helping to make your business more profitable. We take the view that dealing with Insurance is not something you should do once every year. By having a more managed approach to understanding your risks more effectively, we help to cut costs

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